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This is the female version of when men T-bag people. How men T-bag someone is done by placing their exposed testicles on an individual, most likely the head or face of anyone passed out drunk or sleeping. When a female v-bags someone its done when she places her exposed labia on an unsuspecting person. The ultimate v-bag involves photo's that can be posted on the internet.
A group of girls found a dude passed out at a party and they each did a v-bag on him while taking pic's that they then posted on the web so his girlfriend could see.
by jpg3 October 28, 2012
when a woman repeatedly dips her V (vagina) on the mans face.. much like a T bag.. gets the name V bag from the fact that the womans vagina is shaped like an upside down V.. mostly used in the gaming community for female players.
You finally kill the person that is working you over in game.. so run over and V bag the heck outta him..
by skurbmel February 12, 2007
The act of placing one's vulva on someone's head.
While bending over to pick something up off the ground, Chelsi was v-bagged by Shahera. Chelsi enjoyed Shahera's v-baggery.
by Chelshahera March 22, 2008
The female version of a teabag. Usually performed on someone sleeping or unaware.
"Aww, DUDE, no!! I just got Vbagged!"
by Ker_Bear_Yo! March 01, 2009
a female version of a T-bag where the female does the exact same motion.
Boy: Would you like a T-bag?
Girl: No, but i would gladly give you a V-bag!
by guargum March 01, 2009
Verb. Syn: Tea-bagging.

Repeatedly bouncing a naked labia upon a forehead.
"The stripper V-Bagged a goo-string six inches long, I'll never wash this forehead again!"
by Ling Ling Qi September 22, 2009
Short for "Vape Douchebag." Someone who doesn't realize how annoying it is to constantly see them sucking on a vape pen, or see them post about their "vape life" on social media.
I can't walk around the mall without seeing a v-bag sucking on his clarinet every 5 minutes.
by rafalafaa January 14, 2014
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