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Irish name which means you come from good peasant stock. Hard working, kick ass, you speak your mind. Go ahead make a joke about having one leg shorter, Eileen will shorten both your legs all the while laughing and telling you she has never heard that one before. Bring up the song " come on Eileen" and see what else gets shortened. If you call an Eileen your friend you are in luck, faithful, true, and brutally honest she will always be there for you and tell it like it really is! Eileen has a quick wit and loves to laugh at herself and others. She is always looking for a good story.
You ask Eileen what she thinks of your current boyfriend. She responds, "honestly he talks over you and treats you like poo!"
by Runbeanrun February 06, 2010
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That sexy girl that sits next to you... The one you want to ask out, but are afraid that she will say no. And you are always staring at her humongo boobs.
Daaaaamn... I wanna do an Eileen.
by This is Real October 21, 2009
The most awesome girl you will ever meet. She is very beautiful and extremely funny. She has a great sense of humor and her laugh is like music to your ears, even though she thinks it sounds horrible. Her smile is enough to keep you happy for days, and you just can't help but smile when you see her. She's a bit shy and quiet, but once you get to know her, her personality begins to shine. She's amazing ♥.
Who's that awesome person over there?
Oh, you mean Eileen? Yeah, she IS pretty awesome.
by Dirty Dan!! March 04, 2011
Gaelic version of Helen, meaning "light." Any expectant mother considering naming her daughter Eileen should recognize the likelihood that the song "Come On Eileen" will remain in the popular imagination and on shitty radio stations for years to come, meaning young Eileen will most likely learn what it means to "come" on someone, thanks to a pervy kid in her seventh grade homeroom.
"Who hasn't come on Eileen?"
by Fronte Brown April 12, 2009
Eileen: aye the kind of female you can lean on a girl that knows what she wants and is totally kickass
Eileen will kick ur ass..
a girl with one leg shorter than the other.or just a name.
I leen(Eileen). a name(Eileen)
by B.O.C. April 09, 2007
used all over the world as a common first and sometimes a a second name, sounds irish

also the name of one of the biggest noobs in the world!!!
person 1 "that person Eileen sounds irsih"
person 2 "thats because she is and rather a large noob aparantly"
by blakely loves TYPE O NEGATIVE April 18, 2008

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