(also in the literal sense) a flaming homosexual
"Oh My God.. that faggot is on fire.. look at that Username"
by Crazy 8 March 06, 2003
Top Definition
(noun) Also called login name, logon name, sign-in name, sign-on name. a unique sequence of characters used to identify a user and allow access to a computer system, computer network, or online account.
My username is usually 'ThisVivian'.
by ThisVivian August 13, 2016
A user name is used on sites where people post messages. I find the user name tends to cause a state of chaos. On some sites there are photographs as well as a user name causing total chaos. I jump to irrational conclusions when two people look alike - " Are they role playing ? " I wonder.
My user name is shown below.
by CriostoirHulme August 06, 2005
I think user names should be used like a genre on this site... you know how tons of them are used by different people ie. "Joe" will have lots of different contributors. Often posters fill in a name related to their definition, so clicking on a certain user name, one could look at certain categories! like, "cynic", or "nonsense", or "patriot", or "nihilist". that'd be cool. just a random thought...
by random thought June 26, 2003
Something you post to Urban Dictionary to piss me off.

This practice makes absolutely no sense as these are almost never actual words. Annoying to everyone but the poster, these are the reason Urban Dictionary is becoming less useful by the day.
Jesus Christ, there are far too many here to mention.

All of you assholes should find a new hobby.
by josh February 19, 2003
A mysterious character who only speaks in gibberish and seems to have a dislike of Doom and it's fans.
who wants to start a username fan club?
by Danarchy January 31, 2004
This definition is a name that is used for a game, For an example my Username is EvanAsian5266 in ROBLOX. EvanAsian5266 isn't my name.
EvanAsian5266 is my Username.
by Xeploh September 19, 2016
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