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1. The 'audience', so to speak, of a programmer's code.
2. One participating in computer usage. Usually doing something totally unproductive, like looking at porn, playing solitaire, and otherwise generally not working. Bane of sysadmins.
3. See luser.
1. This algorithm is designed specifically to frustrate the user.
2. Sysadmin: Oops, sorry user, looks like I deleted all your projects while you were playing Freecell.
3. See luser.
by Der Capitan December 07, 2003
user (n.) - a person who uses a friend or aquaintance
solely for the purposes of gaining a type of advantage;
whether it be:

1) when no one else is around, they need
someone (like you) to take them places

2) someone who doesn't include you in any activities that they have
with their friends, who you too, are friends with, yet
YOU would invite him or her in a heart beat

3) a person who completely ignores you when he or she
is with a group of people who may be cooler than you

4) a person who can call you ANYTIME and you would be there for them,
and yet if you try to call him or her, they will not pick up;
however, ONLY for using purposes he or she would pick up,
like if he or she needs a RIDE somewhere (yet they would pick up
their phone for any other person)

5) a person who constantly gives you excuses...when you know he or she is completely full of SHIT

and even after all this, this person still calls you their "friend"
Lianna was a user to Charlie because she felt, why not?
by Charlie D. September 02, 2005
someone who toys with anothers emotions just to recive what they desire from that person
turned out cody was just a user
by Kagome_1274 July 27, 2006
Person who is nice to someone else to gain an advantage
SHe used him to get an A in the class.
by Bart March 24, 2004
a person who lies to you that they are your friend when they really are just hanging out with you for their own benefit.
Person: I went out with this hot girl, she likes me a lot cause she says she wants to spend a lot of time with me!

Person2: thats nice, why don't you call her and talk to her?

Person: Oh no. she only said that she is doing the calling, and she only will call me when she's bored.

Person2: I think she's using you.

Person: No she's not!

by Mr. Zimpy November 23, 2009
People that are similar to players, but do not just fuck the chick but first abuse emotions to make them feel like they messed up after they get fucked n dumped. twisting used person's emotions around.
tyler: "hey JC, did u see collin, he fucks a different chick everyday"
JC: "ya, he's such a user
by Nosomeness July 23, 2012
n. The word computer professionals use when they mean "idiot."
You, good sir, are a fucking user.
by HellShade December 12, 2005
As in the Tron films, a term to define a human interfacing in the Grid. Can be used as a general term or in a derogatory context.
Of course that guy doesn't know how to ride a light cycle in the arena! That guy is such a stupid user."
by triffin April 09, 2011