Top Definition
A nice girl
whos out going
but shy around the guy shes likes
normally pretty but dosent think so herself
works hard
fun to be around
listens the best and keeps all your secrets
"sarah was the best listner today"
"omg i no right she is such a lianna"
by XDi_rockXD December 17, 2008
Undenialbly the girl of choice. Liannas are hard working, diligent, polite people. They always remain respectful, and show caring and compassion for all around them. They are athletic, as well as talented in the fine arts. They love to make other people feel loved, and yes, that does include in bed. And let's face it, they are simply put amazing.
Dude, I'm going to try and score a Lianna tonight!
by homiegray May 01, 2011
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