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(archaic) Expresses agreement or solidarity with another.
1st Panther: "My dashiki and enormous afro are devices which assist me in mau-mauing whitey."
2nd Panther: "Right on, brother!"
by bizook March 21, 2003
Usage: 1. up in here
2. up in this <noun>
Non-urban: "Gosh, I wish the landlord would fix the heat, it's freezing in this apartment."
(2) Urban: "Got-dayum!! Can't we get some hizzle up in this motherfucker?!?"
by bizook March 22, 2003
v. Preferred urban method of requesting something.
1. "Lemme get a McRib, large fries, and, uh ruh, you got any grape soda?"
2. "Lemme get a Newport. Make it two."
3. " 'Meget one em Kools."
by bizook March 09, 2004
Modifies any other verb, giving it an urban twist.
(Actual dialogue)
"I thought that clubhouse burned down a few years ago."
"Naww, man, dey been refixed dat!"
by bizook May 18, 2004
>> New_Wave, on Apr 24, 2005 wrote:
>> If you call a flock of seagulls
>> a one hit wonder...FUCK YOU!
"Flock Of Seagulls: a one-hit-wonder."
by bizook May 01, 2005
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