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this site gives a clear and concise education into the
real identity of Uprocking (brooklyn style specifically)

Its is one of the styles which predominantely influenced bboying when bboying began in the late 70's.

It is not TOP rocking... top rocking is what a bboy does as part of a throwdown.. it has borrowed steps from many dance styles including uprocking.. but the translation of these moves from one style into bboying is not always executed accurately... if u want to call it bboying.. make it look like bboying..
Home of brooklyn uprocking
by C....... October 26, 2006
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Style of breakdancing strictly consiting of movements performed while upright (i.e., no 'ground work').
That breaker has the best uprock style I've seen on the west coast.
by Smizzles May 15, 2005
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