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Most of the words definitions related to 'g' all define it as gansta or something related to gansta culture. The original use of 'g' came from a divided sect of the Nation of Islam, this sect known as the 5 percent nation. It was originally used to promote a belief of godliness or god being a thing that could be achieved from within, and was used in the context of refering to members of the 5 percent nation, also know as the nation of gods. The HipHop group the Wu-Tang Clan commonly uses 'g' in this sense.
This is my 'G' from the Universal Nation of Gods.
by Smizzles May 15, 2005
Style of breakdancing strictly consiting of movements performed while upright (i.e., no 'ground work').
That breaker has the best uprock style I've seen on the west coast.
by Smizzles May 15, 2005
Loose cannon. Especially used when someone has drank too much and is bent on causing clamor.
Chris was lc when he crashed his truck into the garage.
by Smizzles May 15, 2005

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