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when you repeat a word so many times that it starts to sound like nonsense and loses meaning.
Person 1: I am going to talk like I am reading a telegraph STOP

See Stop STOP See Stop Stop STOP Stop Stop Stop STOP

Person 2: Man, shut up! STOP is starting to become an unword
by afr0man122 October 31, 2008
Words that are not words but are still used regularly or used in the place of real words that take too much effort to say in their entirety on a regular basis.
"That kitten is totes adorbs."
"Those are my fav unwords."
by robotM&Ms December 01, 2011
Opposite of "word." Used when disagreeing with something or hearing something you don't like. "Dat" is usually followed after saying "un-word."
Kayla:I don't have a car tonight.
Mark:Un-word dat!

Kayla:I like spagetti sauce.
Mark:Un-word dat!
by Mpm17 February 16, 2008
Unword. adj. (uhn-wûrd)
(1) To express extreme dissaproval, see"hell no" . i.e. "Sara is cool!" "Unword man, totally Unword!"
(2) Expression meaning horrible, shitty, and/or re-fuckin'-diculously dumb, see "hella gay" i.e. Sara is cool" "No man, she can be an Unword biatch!"
You dad is hot
-dude that was totally Unword...
by D-IZZLE November 28, 2005
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