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2 definitions by D-IZZLE

Word. adj. (wûrd)
(1) To concurr, agree, or express affirmation. i.e. "This class is hella gay" "Word! I hate this shit"
(2) Expression of extreme excitement. i.e. "Dave just wrote on my wall!!" 'WORD!"

"Your mom is hot!"
"word man...you should see her inside!"
by D-IZZLE November 28, 2005
Unword. adj. (uhn-wûrd)
(1) To express extreme dissaproval, see"hell no" . i.e. "Sara is cool!" "Unword man, totally Unword!"
(2) Expression meaning horrible, shitty, and/or re-fuckin'-diculously dumb, see "hella gay" i.e. Sara is cool" "No man, she can be an Unword biatch!"
You dad is hot
-dude that was totally Unword...
by D-IZZLE November 28, 2005