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Slang term for having spontaneous unprotected sex with a woman.
Guy 1: "Dude, I fucked Amy last night."
Guy 2: "You use protection?"
Guy 1: "Unskinny bop!"
Guy 2: "Right on."
by wasteoid November 23, 2005
A party hit by the glam rock band Poison. Released on the album Flesh & Blood in 1990.
Dude: What's that song? That one by Poison?
Another Dude: Unskinny Bop
by CrackerJackHardcore July 10, 2008
Gratuitous sex. Sex without expectation of forming a relationship. No strings attached.
Bill: I nailed Cynthia last night.

Ted: Oh, man. So now what? Cards, flowers?

Bill: Unskinny bop.

Ted: Score!
by Jake R Slater May 06, 2009
previously of an un-known meaning, utill the release of poison's album Hollywierd. it is slang for C.C banging a porno queen.
nick ask me what the hell unskinny bop means,
it's slang for C.C banging a porno queen
by Xander February 25, 2005
The meaning of Unskinny Bop,is to have sex with woman that have abit of weight on them.
well the opersit to unskinny is over weight and Bop is slang for sex. unskinny Bop
by anthony sab August 20, 2007
put your index and middle finger together then insert your thumb in betwix the two
1. Due to the unskinny bop I cant tell if it was a joyful tear or bad tear :(

2. and before I realized it I had to buy new shoes
by razzamatazibizzle April 23, 2009
This was a song released by the hair metal band, Poison, sometime in the late 80's or early 90's. It's a horrible song and nobody knows to this day what an "unskinny bop" is.
Scientists from Cal Tech and MIT have been trying to figure out the meaing of "Unskinny Bop" for over a decade. They have been unsuccessful so far.
by unskinny bopper January 24, 2005
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