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Person who lays in bed without doing anything during sex.
He is real cute but in bed he's a dead fish!
by Xander October 29, 2003
A sound of disgust. The actual sound that you make when you die.
"You know what? I fucking thought that my herpes had cleared up! BLARH!"
by Xander November 26, 2003
A softer, gentler way to say: "get out of my fucking face, bitch."
"No. There will not be any money spent on you tonight, now SCRAM IT WEST, HO!"
by Xander November 26, 2003
Usage : Verb
Definition : To steal, or grab. To take something that wasnt offered.
Hey! Stop snoinking my french fries.
While walking through Sams Club, Sally snoinked every free sample even if it wasnt offered!
by Xander March 06, 2005
A asshole and a bastard who is obsessed with computers.
Anyone who wants to be like Oubipaws should get fucked in the ass.
by Xander April 12, 2005
The act of having residual shit on the fron of your pants as a reult of spur-of-the-moment, quickie anal sex.
Cannot usually be avoided, and is very embarassing.
"Man, he gave me a blazing splatterkhaki, and I had to wear my shirt on the outside until I could go and change! Jeeez!"
by Xander November 26, 2003
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