When animal like aggression is unleashed by someone or something.
I pulled down my pants, grabbed her ankles, and unleashed the fury, like a wild bear during mating season.
by Ron Jizzle March 07, 2004
The ultimate stink up of the bathroom at work by blowing an "O" ring, spraying stinky doo-doo around the toilet bowl.
"Dude, you don't want to go in there. I just unleashed the fury."
by Ram's Bladder March 17, 2004
Noun. To open up a can of whoopass on someone/destroy them. Used in a physical sense, as in fistfights and the like.
I came back and some guy was trying to steal my car, so i had to unleash the fury on him.
by piznillow March 08, 2004
To unleash the fury is to let go of a mounting ammount of tension in a manual sexual manner. In other words, masturbation. Therefore Unleashing the Fury would be used after long periods of non sexual activities
"Man, I've unleashed so much fury last night you have no idea"

"Unleash the fury mitch! doing!"
by word July 03, 2003
1 To show the maximum potential of your manhood.

2 When you are playing Halo, on X-box, and you find a lot of grenades, a rocket launcher, and an AR, and you begin a raging tempest of explosion upon some grunts.

3 When you are playing a sport and you become 'on fire', and perfectly execute a winning move, while your opponent stands in awe, and then bows to your skill.

4 Something that Ermy does all the time.
1 Oh, you''l see, I'll unleash the fury on you tonight!

2 I will unleash the fury on those damn Covenant!

3 Boy! I found explosives! let's unleash the fury on Covenant!

4 I will unleash thr fury on you, Maggot!!
by identity crisis March 16, 2004
To let a fart bomb rip out of your anus and contaminate the world.
Dan just unleashed the fury and now half of china is dead.
by Jared March 15, 2004
to drop ones pants and hang a turd
trey tried to stop him but rob relentlessly continued to unleash the fury.
by jimbo March 12, 2004
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