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Something refering to giving all you've got. Often quoted in Halo. Simular to unleash the fury.
"Give 'em hell, marines"
by identity crisis March 19, 2004
a smart-ass comeback to "gettin' all up in someone's grill"
Back up yo, you's all up in my toaster-oven
by Identity Crisis May 20, 2003
A pistol formerly used by her majesty's secret service.
Ebonics- I gunna bust a cap in yo dome, wit my PP7.

Correct speach- I will use my PP7 to rule the game of GoldenEye 007!
by identity crisis March 19, 2004
1 To show the maximum potential of your manhood.

2 When you are playing Halo, on X-box, and you find a lot of grenades, a rocket launcher, and an AR, and you begin a raging tempest of explosion upon some grunts.

3 When you are playing a sport and you become 'on fire', and perfectly execute a winning move, while your opponent stands in awe, and then bows to your skill.

4 Something that Ermy does all the time.
1 Oh, you''l see, I'll unleash the fury on you tonight!

2 I will unleash the fury on those damn Covenant!

3 Boy! I found explosives! let's unleash the fury on Covenant!

4 I will unleash thr fury on you, Maggot!!
by identity crisis March 16, 2004
Phrase used when you know you have a penis with a punch!
Used like in your eye
by Identity Crisis May 20, 2003
the best GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

It is the best game to blow things up and then hop in an extremely powerful suv, with a huge turret on it, destroy your friends, and anxiously wait for its sequel!!!!!
I love Halo.
I can't wait 'til halo 2 comes out!
by identity crisis March 16, 2004
someone who swerves recklessly off of a dirt road into a stranger's yard and runs over 2 porcelain chickens then stomps gas and gets the hell out of there. Don't ask. It actually happened.
yer mom
by Identity Crisis May 07, 2003
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