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the relatives of a significant other that you are not married to (living "unlaw"fully togehter)
I'm having dinner with the unlaws tonight.
by BallaBallaBillz August 08, 2011
un-laws - defined as 'family' of ex significant others who may or may not sponge or look for undue support from non biological cohabitants
My homegirl said her ex stayed with her and his fam always asked her for money for lotto/bud and beer when she came in.They broke up and whenever her folks saw her they STILL hit her for space change. Upon careful introspection it appeared to me, she left and they became un-laws...
by Ismail Sabbah October 30, 2011
Your ex in-laws.

The parents of your ex-spouse.
My unlaws are taking the kids to Disney Land this weekend.
by startittays October 15, 2014
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