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10 definitions by binfordman

Van Halen's Album released in 17 June 1991
for unlawful carnal knowledge is a great album
by binfordman June 15, 2008
20 11
I Like Big Tits
(Taken from Joe Walsh's Song, I.L.B.T's)
Hey..I'm having a tit attack..
by Binfordman August 30, 2008
5 1
A word making fun of "Lifetime TV"
(In a respectful way)
Hey Joe, Your wife has been absent from class.

Yes, Beavis, She's watching Wifetime TV. and she's hooked!

Her favourite show is Reba.
by Binfordman August 13, 2008
6 2
Short for TWITTER meaning your about to sent a TWEET
I'm TWITting in the bathroom via my mobile.. pardon me cause I heard something funny!
by Binfordman February 05, 2009
4 9
Crap on the TV screen during the programme that talks about what's coming up, what's coming next week.

Hey, this pollution on MTV is really sucking. I think I'll log on to IRC.
by Binfordman September 04, 2008
17 26
Bad Bad Bad - as in terrible, awful, shitty and bad (used in IRC chats/text msg)
This radio programme is bbb! I think I'm going to watch a movie on the tele or the Cleveland Browns football game.
by Binfordman August 19, 2008
0 19
Bad Bad Bad as in lousy, crappy
This radio programme is bbb, I think I'll watch television.

Who's up for football?
by Binfordman August 26, 2008
0 20