The feeling you get when a piece of cheese is shoved up your nose
Oohh, i feel unky now!
by anna_is_best September 15, 2003
Top Definition
(n) a name given to a lifelong friend, someone who shares your interests and who would serve as an uncle to your offspring.
Is Unky Fred coming to the party? I can't wait to see him!
by unky! September 20, 2010
Word used to describe the state of being commonly associated with being lonesome.
I'm so damn unky I think I'll by a cat and eat some cheese.
by smiketh September 03, 2003
A nickname for a good male family friend that is not blood related. Like uncle but not related.
Isaiah thinks that his Dad and his Dad's friend Unky Erik are messed up.
by Elawesome February 13, 2010
A slang term for an uncircumcised penis.
Man that girl Katie gets real wet whenever she hears a guy has an unky.
by The_authority_11 January 02, 2011
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