A cover-up by the members of the faculty of sciences to create large amounts of illegal drug substances, such at Methamphetamine, Heroine, and many others. Students who discover such secrets are subjected to the Liquid Nitrogen Torture.
"Wow! That's a whole lot of Meth Ice!"
"Yea, and we have to pour liquid nitrogen on you now"
"yea...welcome to the Real University"
by gusto5 March 06, 2006
basically very expensive day care for young adults
mum: have fun at university son,and don't forget your lunch
and i don't want you playing with that john kid he's a bad influence on you. son: yes mum, can i go round and play at sam's after my class's finish . mum: yes but be home in time for dinner.
by tempestdawn January 06, 2010
An emotional roller coaster, which will take you up, down, back up and back down, sometimes more in one day. Be prepared for heavy workloads yet lots of apparent time for socializing, which will be your ultimate demise.
I spent to much time in a lounge talking to friends so my university biblical studies paper was not finished on time.
by A concordian December 14, 2010
A place u go with the sole purpose of education. Somehow, u get sidetracked and just end up drinking, getting laid, take advantage of unemployment, and writing massive amounts of research papers that have little to do with your ability to perform a job more efficiently.
"Lets go out tonight, i just go to the university tomorrow anyways".
by TJones88 October 07, 2010
A place where you spend four years of your life away from family and for the most part drunk with the occaisonal lecture on the subject of your choice.
university is becoming more popular as school leavers realise it is a place were they can get drunk every day of the week without worrying about what their parents will say.
by randomer66 October 04, 2009
Harder, more expensive, and less fun than a normal, less pompous college.

Also a great place to breed racist thoughts toward asians, arabs, and indians; all of whom are considerable population groups and all of which are annoying and easily defeat whitey in the classroom.

Finally, don't expect to get laid much at university because the only girls who go there are the awkward, ugly, or otherwise socially inept girls who have given themselves over the the book long ago.

And once you graduate, you scramble for a job against thousands of similar candidates from other universities, ultimately landing an underpaying job you don't like to pay off your $150,000 debt.
Just because you get accepted to university doesn't mean you should go.
by Indomitable798 October 03, 2010
colleges, plural of university
"What universities are you applying for?"

"Penn State, Harvard and New York"
by mnmsscasd June 19, 2008
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