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the meaning of the life, universe, and everything, according to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Now, we just need to find the question....
what do u get when u multiply six by seven? 42. (of course this can't be the ulimate question.)
by Sparrow May 21, 2005
The forty-two is a sexual position that is related to the sixty-nine. In this position the woman will be on all fours and the man will be behind her on two, hence the name forty-two. The woman will be on her hands and knees and the man will be crouching down but still standing. This position requires much stamina and muscular fortitude from the man.
We started out with the sixty-nine and ended with the forty-two.
by Panfilo Seisnueve June 13, 2008
when you "leave someone hangin"
or stand them up
yea man i was waitin outside for like three hours but that b***h forty-two'd me
by GoGo '11 November 13, 2010
a funny japanease word meaning shit in hand and throw it at a car
Hung Mao fortytwoed that car !
by hunter April 21, 2005
The age where your usefulness to society begins to diminish.
Some enlightened tribes in Africa kill or abandon members of the tribe that are 42 years old to preserve resources.
by Anonymous October 08, 2002
Slang for o.k., also can be used in the place of the trucker term 10-4. Depending on the emphasis of the term, and the facial expression given, it can be shaped substantially.
"Hey bro, are you ready to roll out?"
"Forty Two"
by gary wyatt August 19, 2007
what you get when you multiply six by seven
what you get when you multiply six times seven
by zmantis November 24, 2004
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