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An institution with the noble goal of educating individuals within specialized fields, thus promoting the advancement of society. Today, the majority of people who attend good universities are spoiled rich kids who have had lucky lives and only want to get high-paying jobs when they graduate.
Jimmy asked Sally why she went to university, and she said so that she could become a money-licking lawyer.
by RyanM January 03, 2004
A band that no-one seems to dislike. They are signed to the Vagrant record label.
Jill: I like Alkaline Trio.
Bill: What label are they on?
Jill: Vagrant records
by RyanM January 03, 2004
Taken from the Greek 'demos' and 'kratos' ('people' and 'power' respectively), it refers to the system of government in which the entire population effectively rules through a concentrated body which relies on the population's opinion as a source for its policies.
The French Revolution was sparked by ideals of liberty and democracy for all.
by RyanM January 03, 2004
Someone who is both hated and envied by his highschool peers. General term used to refer to a highschool athlete who is not a very kind person, and who usually doesn't take his sport seriously.
"Man, that jerk is just a stupid jock. But he sure does have a hot girlfriend."
by RyanM January 03, 2004
A musician who plays a drum, which is an instrument usually comprised of a membrane stretched across the top of a (at least somewhat) cylindrical shell. The backbone of any 20th century modern music group. Often quite dense. Always gets the girl.
-How can you tell if the stage is level?
-The drummer's drool stays in one place.
by RyanM January 03, 2004

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