It is a word that can be good or bad. I am a unique person. I have friends in every group including nerds, preps, scene, emo, goth, etc.

A person who doesnt care what you think about them.

Something out of the ordinary.

A person that doesn't dress normally is a 'unique' person.
Girl 1: That was a very UNIQUE choice of clothing...
Girl 1 behind other girls back: That is the UGLIEST thing I have EVERRR seen!

Girl 2 two weeks later to Girl 1:Wowwww aren't you wearing exactly what you called ugly just two weeks agooo?
Something that is one of a kind.
IMO nobody is unique. Every aspect of a person can be found in another. So perhaps the combination of the parts that make up a person can be unique, but not those parts.
Myself as a whole is unique. My idea of people not being unique isn't as someone out there probably has had a similar thought.
by Jassles September 24, 2008
Actuallynormalperson: Want to go outside you havent gone out for weeks


ANP: Are you sure? Your sitting in the dark

Sheep: IM FINE! Fox news told me not to go outside today they want me to watch their interview with Nancy Grace.

ANP: Whatever Man.

Sheep: NO ITS NOT WHATEVER! You have to sit here and watch this until everyone of us has 0 ounce of uniqueness in us.

by Dena1111 August 22, 2008
1. Having no like or equal; unparalleled; incomparable. Not typical, unusual.

2. A good thing - not what your parents tell you to make you feel better about yourself.
1. Someone who is unique walks to their own beat, one often thought of in their head, then composed, then recorded.

2. "What is that guy doing over there?"

"Him? Don't worry - he's unique."
by Criscipline September 23, 2010
different, or not like everyone else. not following the group
Unique people are those who have many weird qualities but execute them well
by lola3 August 08, 2010
its not how we define oursleves that is unique, its how others percieve us to be. Having the ability to be an individual with a purpose that allows you to go against the mainstream.
guy: i love how unique i am! i wear things that dont match, i wear clothes inside out and i...

guy's friend: dude!that doesnt make u unique! that just means your tryin to hard!

guy: nu uh i look different than everyone else!

guy's friend: No! that just means your trying to be different and something your not. Just be urself dude!
by La Munequita December 10, 2009
The best vocabulary to give critic negatively without piss off anybody
Your sense of faction is very unique.
by Mokonamon May 11, 2005

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