Unique nowadays means making yourself look like a Hot Topic hair product poster child.
Skateboarders are a very unique type of nomad.
by TellBarackImBaroke May 16, 2011
Extraordinary. Not necessarily attractive.
Her style is perceived as wild and unkempt, I think it is unique.

I'm not calling him ugly, I would say he has a unique look.
by Ms_Natti January 30, 2008
when ya dick gets cut off
u a fuckin unique
ill mak u a unique
by samoan4lyfe February 09, 2006
Anything that is distinct from all other things, with no identical counterpart.

Synonyms (words have a similar meaning) singular original
I've been to several funerals, but this one was unique-- there was confetti in the coffin.
by Kitti Papaver January 29, 2016

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