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In terms of pleasure, the exact opposite of an orgasm. It is when your level of disgust reaches that which is rivaled only by the level of pleasure in an orgasm.
hooking up with your own mom gave you an ungasm
by J Bilo May 22, 2006
men: The subtle yet indescribably painful displeasure you feel in your genitals just after you've ejaculated and withdrawal your unit from whatever it was you had sex with. Tends to lessen if you 'wait inside' a few moments, but you'll always feel it.
For every man's orgasm, there is the inevitable painful ungasm.
by Phillydrifter December 05, 2008
A word to express something very BAD or unpleasuring
"Dude we have to read like 5 fucking pages!"
"Uh! Ungasm!"
by Jen Rene February 14, 2006

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