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3 definitions by wordslinger88

1-Adjective used to describe an action or event that has been done or taken place too many times to count.

2-used to expect distatste for how many times an action has been done

3-Something women say a lot about men.
"Adam, you have complained for the umpteenth time! just eat the stupid apple, and i promise I will stop nagging!"

"Fine, eve, but for the umpteenth time: this is a bad idea." -eats apple-
by wordslinger88 July 01, 2009
1-A big douche

2-someone who many think should have sexual intercourse with a porcupine

3-someone who, when around women, is slapped often

4-Synonym for Kim Jung Il, leader of North Korea
I saw him: the Douchbaggius Maximus. I was having a nice day, but then suddeny, I heard this noise...It sounded like someone trying to pick a fight..and they seemed to be wrong; and drunk. Yes, ihad found a Douchbaggius Maximus! he was about 6'3" tall, maybe 200 pounds, had spiked hair, and was very intoxicated. i took the first step that should always be taken when confronting a Douchbaggius Maximus: I said hello. he then turned, enraged, and used their mutual call when they feel threatened: "What are you lookin at, huh?". I reponded with a shrug, then punched him in the groin area, the second step i ndealing with a Douchbaggius Maximus. he then fell, in pain, and I pulled out my taze-gun, shooting him in the buttocks area. the third step. next, i bought everyone except for him a round of drinks, and called the bouncer on him. Step four. then, I made small talk, and went home, feeling relieved to have captured yet another Douchbaggius Maximus; and that was the last step, the last step to stopping another Douchbaggius Maximus from wreaking havoc.
by wordslinger88 June 28, 2009
1-A hug in which the person is first tackled and thrown back at least five feet. This is usually given when one is very excited to see a person, and often when they have been separated for a long amount of time.

2-A hug in which one person purposely knocks the other backwards and, most likely, onto the ground, sometimes with tears in their eyes; a show of love unlike any other, really.

3-A violent way to say "I really love you, ok?"
Finally, she had come back. Two weeks without my favorite person, my best frinend, the love of my life, and now she was back. I saw her, and tears filled my eyes. I couldn't think of anything to do but run and hug her. Within moments, she had been glompifimicatimitizified. We fell, laughing together, both of us smiling. It was truly a joyful moment.
by Wordslinger88 June 28, 2009