Something that pathetic, ugly little boys like to call non-ugly girls who say no to their sexual advances.
Boy: ''Hey, wanna fuck?''

Girl: ''No thanks.''

Boy: ''Fuck you then, you're ugly anyway!!!''

Girl: ''If I was that ugly your desperate ass wouldn't be asking me to fuck, retarded male.''
by Rozalyn November 12, 2006
A drink:

2 shots of Ouzo
1 shot of Amaretto
1 shot of Scotch

Combine in glass...


History of the ugly: A bunch of us were at a bar for a co-workers birthday. We bought the birthday boy a number of shots, so many in fact, that he couldn't drink them fast enough. We convinced him to pour the four remaining shots (The ones listed above) into a beer glass, and then chug it. He did, and now as a birthday tradition, a guy MUST drink the ugly on his birthday.
He drank the ugly and puked everywhere!!!
by Honorarius February 23, 2006
To be of a generally loathsome outer appearance, in which people are repulsed by how the miracle of life and genetics have managed to produce such a repugnant, godawful mistake.

When ailed with this unfortunate condition, one may be accused of having no alibi.

Possibly caused by being hit by an "ugly stick." Particularly gruesome cases are the result of falling down an "ugly tree, and hitting every branch along the way down."
"Tim is fucking ugly."
"Be nice, it's his birthday."

"His birthday? How is it that no one's put him down yet?"
by JaneRas January 15, 2010
1) a harsh but occasionally fitting word to something or someone that is either extremely hard to look at, or has a terrible personality, or both

2) a word that some girls use to describe themselves, often in an attempt to get pity and extra compliments
1) A:That girl Shawna has really bad acne, but still she acts like she's perfect and is a total bitch to everyone.

B: I know, she is such an ugly person!

2) Jenny: Wow, Jeannie, you look so nice in your new dress!

Jeannie: Are you kidding me? You're the one who looks really pretty, I look fat and ugly in this outfit!

Jenny: No way, I'M the one who's ugly!You look gorgeous!

Jeannie: No, its me! I'M so ugly a cockroach covered in sewage wouldn't want to look at me! And you shouldn't talk, you are so pretty!

Jenny: Omigosh, NO WAY! Seriously, look at me! I'm HORRENDOUSLY ugly compared to you!

....and so on
by coolKhameleon July 18, 2006
A term one would call something when one doesn't see the beauty in things.
"The sunset is so ugly!"

"Only in your perspective.."
by SushiiRoll March 15, 2010
When refering to a person, it generally means unattractive or unpleasant, either physically or mentally.

Whether a person is ugly or not, is really a matter of opinion. There is no set of characteristics that makes one person ugly.
Guy 1: Haha, your girlfriend is a size 12 and has a big nose. She's sooooooo ugly!
Guy 2: Haha. Your bitchy girlfriend just kicked a puppy. She's sooooooo ugly!
by Becks Grevau November 17, 2007
An irreversable biological predestination that, unfortunately, causes the individual whom is ugly to receive disprefferential treatment from both genders for the rest of their lives.
The fear of being ugly is the reason beauty products are one of the worlds best selling items.
by starky April 09, 2008
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