Uh Glee... meaning someone who is nasty to look at. I feel I would never have an erection again after lookin at that.
She so damn ugly I be wantin the vultures to peck out my eyes the time i am done lookin at that.
by Chela November 25, 2003
What pretty girls call them selfs to get nice compliment.
Sara Pretty Girl: Im so Ugly

Ashley: No Way your gourgeous Sara!!

Sara Pretty Girl: Thanks!
by FrenchMousy August 28, 2010
1.(N.) The essence, obvious presence, or eye-scorching appearence that is often accompanied by people who appear to have died in their sleep 20 years ago, but continued to eat until they obtained a state of obesity, regardless of their apparent death.
2.(Adj.) Used to describe something with tendencies as defined above, with the exceptance of the requirement of apparent human ancestors.
Chris: Man, it looks like Mike over there got knifed in the face while eating cinderblocks.
Napoleon: He got ugly, didn't you hear? God, you idiot. *Lightly hits Frank*
Chris: Foo! Yous gotsa keep me informed. Man, I feel sorry for Mike. And I'd never thought I'd say that, but being ugly must be awful.
by Timothantony November 22, 2005
I think it's funny that you can buy an 'ugly mug' when infact you've always had one.
Person 1 "He'll never get a girlfriend with that ugly mug"
Person 2 "Well, couldn't he just throw the mug away?"
Person 1 "I meant his face."
by jempin515 October 29, 2010
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