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Habbo hotel. Otherwise known as just habbo is an online game on which you chat to your "friends". Friends as in random people you meet in rooms and decide to add them to you list of many other "friends".

Habbo is mainly used for spending YOUR OWN money which has much better use then buying virtual furniture. Getting a boyfriend/girlfriend which is usally a pervert and always asks for your MSN and if you have a cam.

If you viset habbo now you are sure to find youself in rooms infested by noobs, pervs, 12-16 year olds wanting cyber sex, and people with no friends who think they are REALLY cool to have lots of furni
because people look up to them as being rich. The tramps/Suck ups always come to these sorts of people begging for furni.
Example- A typical day on habbo:

Boy habbo: Hey, your hot. Wanna go to your room?

Girl habbo: Sure, I have lots of furni!

Boy habbo: Great. Could i have some, i got hacked and today it's my birthday. :( Sad face.
by Nobue March 17, 2009
Boots that mums and small daughters who dress the same, and teenaged girls wear.
They are unbelievably fugly and are now worn all year round. Esspecilly popular in schools, you can wear these boots in many different ways.

1. Tuck them in to your skinny school trousers.

2. As well as tucking them in, why not wear some bright pink legwarmers to match the beige Uggs.

2. Better still, as the warm weathes comming in, wear them with your lovley pleated school skirt!

These are also worn outside of school, mainly the same way.

Girls feet must sweat so much.
The only time i would ever wear Uggs is if i went on holiday and it was snowing.
How can anyone think they looked attractive? --Uggs
by Nobue March 21, 2009
The creator of MySpace, once a computer game hacker when he was 14 years old, who will one day brainwash the innocent minds of teens all over the world.
He will not stop until he has all the friends in the world. Tom MySpace
by Nobue March 17, 2009

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