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The huge mammary glands of a cow. On four legged cows udders have four teats. On two legged cows udders have two teats (or in the case of the two-legged variety the teats are more often called nipples).
The farmer felt kind of embarrassed the first time he touched the cow's udder to get milk, but as soon as he got used to it, he would go so far as to pull his baby daughter off the udder to get some of his own.
by La Leche July 11, 2006
a huge flabby..thing
rebekah and vanessa have udders!
by barnyardbuddies February 27, 2007
Another term for a woman's breasts.
That broad's got shitty udders.
by Ryan Rudesill April 11, 2006
cow nipples
I sucked that milk right out of her udders.
by poop cheese April 02, 2003
A large set of breasts found on a female. They can also be found on men who eat to much.
Look at that hot chick she's got a prize set of udders.
by Mark Francis Tasker May 26, 2006
Two calves fighting for mother's milk. The calf with a cold says: "tell him about de udder udder mudder".
of nasal blockage
by Daniel AB March 27, 2004
breasts with absolutely no erotic qualities
look at those disgusting udders
by john March 25, 2004

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