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A school filled with insecure low-lifes who have nothing better to do than either bash their cross-town rival, or constantly remind others of how great and prestigious their school is. Yet they fail to realize that ucla grads typically lose job positions to grads from csulb, csuf, and cal poly pomona, schools which are thought of as much less well-respected. what does this prove? prestige means absolutely nothing and it only matters to ignorant, insecure people. guess what, bruins, the competitiveness at your school is all in vain, because you're doing all that work for nothing. look at the csu grads who actually study things that are practical for finding a job, and they study because they're interested, not just for grades that no one will ever look at once you're out of school.

they also stress how hard it is to get into, yeah like anyone really cares what grades you got in 10th and 11th grade and how good you are at taking some random, inaccurate test.

and sports? please, csuf beat ucla's baseball team five times in a row, and csulb beat them three times in a row. also, some csulb students went over to westwood and said that it was boring, and that the cookies at diddy riese sucked. they also kicked the bruin statue on campus and went into the student store and threw ucla attire onto the ground. they also tried the dorm food and said that it sucked too. getting pwned by the underdogs, now huh?

i mean, first they beat ucla at sports, then they insult their territory, and then they're even getting jobs over them. you can never look at the name "UCLA" the same way ever again.
Girl: "Where do you go to school?"

Bruin: "UCLA, of course. one of the top schools in the nation, it's up there with the ivies in prestige and it's well-respected throughout the world."

Girl: "umm okay, well i'm looking through its course catalog and most of the degree programs seem pretty useless and impractical. the ones at csulb actually seem useful, so i wonder who's gonna get the jobs in the end..."

Bruin: *stares back with a gaping mouth and disappointedly surprised expression and thinks to herself, wow i did all this work for nothing and paid extra to go to a school where all the hype is useless*
by Cairorox October 04, 2008
University of Caucasians Lost Amongst Asians
"Bro, North Campus is so totally like being in Bejing."
"Dude, that's why they call it 'University of Caucasians Lost Amongst Asians.'"
by imushroomstampmadtrojanho's August 24, 2004
The University of California at Los Angeles, founded in 1919 and the largest university in California. Located in Westwood, Los Angeles, it is known for its rigorous academics, creation of the Internet and nationally-renowned NCAA athletics. The Bruins share a long-standing rivalry with the University of Southern California (USC).
Looks like I didn't make it into UCLA, so I'll have to settle for USC and shell out $30K to live in South Central.
by Flopsy August 02, 2004
UCLA is ranked number 25 in the nation overall by US News. SC, the supposedly great private institution is only ranked number 30. And Cal is ranked at number 21.

Talk about your freshman class all you want, SC. The bottom line is that you're not better academically than UCLA or Cal, and you never will be. Your student body consists of people who were rejected by UCLA. If you want to go to a private school in California, go to Stanford. At least you get a superior education for the extra money you pay over there.

And about your sports dominance, which university has the most NCAA team sports titles? Could it be SC? Nope, they have 83. Stanford? They have 88. Oh yeah, UCLA is number 1 in NCAA team championships with 95.

And how many men's basketball titles does SC currently hold? Zero! The sports arena draws about two people per game. And your new facility will never have the history of Pauley Pavillion behind it. Hey, UCLA sucks in football but at least they won one title in the sport. SC will never win a men's basketball title.

It will take more than a few blown calls to beat Oklahoma. Good luck winning a legitimate national championship in football.
USC is filled with students who were turned down by UCLA. Now they want to talk about being better because of their freshman class. It's hilarious.

What do UCLA and USC students have in common? They were all admitted to USC.
by Trojankiller December 06, 2004
One of the top 10 research institutions in the US. Five UCLA faculty members are Nobel Laureates, as are four graduates of UCLA. The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is ranked as third in the nation and the best medical center in the Western US. The school anually contributes $6 billion in economic activity to Southern California and has an economic growth that outpaces that of California itself.
UCLA professor Louis J. Ignarro won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1998 for his research into the medical properties of nitric oxide.
by UCLA Pre-med April 21, 2005
The real "University of Spoiled Children." The students at UCLA pay a fraction of what USC students pay and go to a university with a better academic ranking and better faculty in a better neighborhood.

USC students have to stoop to making racist comments about Asian people to justify getting raped for tuition at an inferior school in a horrible part of LA. Keep up that type of attitude. It's sad how much some of you fit the Trojan stereotype.

And I guess all of those USC students on financial aid are just poor white trash. It's good to know that you people think so much of the lower income students at your school.

Usually, being a private institution means being better. This is not the case with USC, which has lower academic rankings than both UCLA and Cal. As a private school, USC is an underachiever. You're better off not mentioning the whole private vs. public thing since it only makes you look worse.
If you want to go to the best university in the LA area, go to UCLA. USC students pay about six times the price UCLA students pay, yet the school is lower in the rankings. Don't get ripped off. Get spoiled at UCLA.
by ARealSpoiledChild March 12, 2005
Every year, the London Times ranks the best colleges in the world. In the most recent edition of the Times Higher Education Supplement, UCLA was ranked number 26 in the world. Cal was ranked number 2 in the world. Stanford was ranked number 7. Where do you think USC was ranked in the world?

USC was ranked number 180 in the world by the London Times! I guess your entrance requirements aren't helping you much.

US News had UCLA ranked at number 25, Cal ranked at number 21, and USC ranked at number 30 for this year. That's because they consider the amount of money alumni give to each school. Of course private schools like USC will have inflated rankings in the US News guide. And even with that, UCLA is ranked higher in the US News list.

Let's see here...UCLA-26, USC-180...USC better in academics? Please!

It's a known fact that UCLA looks at more than just your scores when selecting students. Ask anybody who's been turned down by the school. You need extracurricular activities as well as high gpa and SAT scores.

And to the morons at SC who say they don't pay $30,000 a year, if you're getting loans, you will be paying for it. Unless you get grants or scholarships, you will be paying that community college in the ghetto sooner or later. Fight on for higher fees at a much lesser school!
According to the London Times, UCLA is number 26 in the world academically. And USC is 180. Wow. Maybe USC needs to make the entrance requirements even tougher.
by Trojankiller December 22, 2004
A school that has won more NCAA team championships than any school in the nation: 94. In the last 35 years, the Bruins have won 52 NCAA championships, seven more than second-place Stanford and 28 more than third-place USC. Overall, UCLA has won a nation-leading total of 115 collegiate championships -- 94 NCAA crowns and 21 other titles.
UCLA: #1 in NCAA team championships
by Go Bruins May 15, 2005