a school that thinks its better than USC, when the students do not want to admit that their school and their student body sucks big balls. It takes 6 years to graduate to from this shitty pathetic school, therefore making it more expensive than the better down on Jefferson and Figueroa, also known as University of Southern California. The sports teams blows, the classes teach you nothing and the degree is made out of used toilet paper, probably wiped from my asshole. Please ignore the following definitions below this post as they are all written by disillusioned UCLA alumni, who currently make up the majority of the American unemployment. There is a reason why USC is excelling in academics and athletics while UCLA is degrades its shitty self back into the stone age. You're a bRuin for 6 years or never since you might flunk out, but you are a Trojan for life!

Rick Neuheisel
Tommy Trojan the Pussy magnet: Hey you are a Biology major and graduating this year right?

Bobby Bruin the Fuckface: No, Tommy, like the rest of bRuin nation i cant handle the tough academics and now wont graduate until i turn 29.

Tommy trojan the Pussy magnet: Oh UCLA, such a sham

Bobby Bruin the fuckface: Seriously , should have the greatest university in the universe, University of Southern California
by rickneuheisel April 16, 2010
an abbreviation meaning "Ugly Caucasians, Lovely Asians". Meaning that UCLA has the hottest asian girls, but the caucasians aren't that great.
Joe: "Hey dude, I want to hunt for some tight asian pussy tonight"

Steve: "ok, let's drive to UCLA"
by Stewart Jones October 20, 2006
Unranked Pac-10 team that ruined formerly #2 USC's chance for the BCS title game in 2006.
It sucks to be a UCLA student, especially during the week your school plays USC in football... unless it is the week of December 2, 2006 and USC ran home with their tail between their legs.
by ex-trojan fan December 03, 2006

So... according to UCLA kids, only "mentally retarded" people go to USC? USC is academically inferior with an intellectually inferior student body?

Check the new facts. Paste the links in your browser (take out the space after the ".com"s).

http://talk.collegeconfidential.com /showthread.php?t=61648

http://www.livejournal.com /community/usc/420758.html#comments

http://www.livejournal.com /community/usc09/23159.html

Uh-huh. Read it and weep. UCLA gets a little worse in quality and in the rankings every year, and the quality of USC just keeps getting better.
What's the difference between a USC student and a UCLA student? Both were accepted to UCLA.
by TroJennifer May 12, 2005
University of Caucasians Losing out to Asians. It's so sad that UCLA students think that they can vicariously experience pride through their Nobel laureates. It makes no sense because you UCLA students aren’t actually the ones who discovered or made break through advances in science or academia. Just because UCLA managed to “acquire” these elite individuals, doesn’t mean their loftiness rubs off on you guys. Stop trying to vicariously feel pride in something you didn’t achieve, or in other words don’t ride others’ coattails. I don’t care that UCLA had a longer tradition of academic excellence over USC, because this will reverse with time, and trend has already begun. We actually have the means to acquire the top researchers and professors, because we can offer them what they’re worth, unlike your public institution (that greatly emphasizes far-left Socialist ideals) in trying to make them “altruistic scholars” who donate their good will to your lame institution. No, your administration has got it wrong—we live in a Capitalist society—and they (your researchers and professors) want to get paid what they’re worth. This is why there is a mass exodus of UCLA and Berkeley’s faculty. I hope you Bruins enjoy reminiscing about the “good ol’ days” of when UCLA was academically and on occasion athletically superior to USC.

Some of you make claims that UCLA students got accepted to USC as well huh? But why is it that a lot of international students, who got accepted to both, chose USC over UCLA? They get no financial aid, and they have to pay several thousand dollars more per year as a USC student. I thought it was foolish to spend more on an academically inferior school? And what about that bonehead who wrote a definition of USC, claiming to have audited a class at USC, but said that it was “community college” level? I thought UCLA students were smarter than to spend $4,000+ on our “community college” classes? And if you did actually take it, why'd you audit it? What, was the curve too lofty for you? You didn't take it, and that was a lame attempt at labeling our academics "community college" level.

You guys aren’t some “quasi-Ivy League” like some of you meatheads imply. The UC system is nowhere near Ivy Leagues, just in its shadows at best.

Finally, look at all the negative energy UCLA students muster up to deride USC on this site. What a bunch of pathetic, small-minded people who know that their luster is dulled by us Trojans.
UCLA student #1: Dude, did you see that Ferrari rolling through here to get to the multimillion dollar neighborhoods that surround our campus?

UCLA student #2: Yeah, it had USC alumni plates attached to it! Next thing you know, they'll tear down our campus so that a runway can be built for the Gulstream jets that USC alumni will ride in. I wonder if they make big enough alumni plates to those as well?
by University of Social Connections September 23, 2007
A mediocre school located in Los Angeles that resorts to trash talking the real academic and sports power of the area, USC. A group of such classy Bruins were involved in the recent jumping of a USC alumni attending the USC/UCLA game with his family as he was on his way to the restroom. See the article on cbs2.com, entitled "USC fan loses eye after Pro-UCLA Group Attack: Daniel Crowson says UCLA fans beat him, attacked him with bottle."

UCLA campus police are racist, recently tazering a UCLA student of Middle Eastern descent in the library despite his apparent submission. Many complain that people feel like merely statistics at UCLA because there are so many students and such a lack of individualized attention.

In order to avoid the blatant problems plaguing the UCLA campus, many Bruin fans turn to attacking the superior institution across the city. With t-shirts reading "F*** USC" (without the stars), the student body demonstrates their true sportsmanlike behavior and depth of character.
UCLA student: God, I wish I could go to the library without worrying about my skin color. So instead, I'll call trojans spoiled to make myself feel better.
by trojanseahawk December 06, 2006
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