UCLA: a school that rejects the most qualified students, knowing that these students will hurt its yield rate. Oh, and before you UCLA students brag about your admissions policy, read this article: http://www.allanfavish.com/1_10_95.HTM
Last year, UCLA rejected a student from Torrey Pines High School in San Diego, CA, who had a 1510 SAT, scored 5's on numerous AP tests, was awarded a full ride to USC, and currently attends UC Berkeley as part of the Engineering program that is second only to MIT. How can anyone say that UCLA's admissions policy is legitimate and keep a straight face? I know another student that can't do this, as he was accepted to Harvard and Stanford, but not UCLA. UCLA: congratulations on your second-rate students!
by rt23 November 20, 2005
UCLA = University of Cheater Liars and Abominables
When I dealt with people at UCLA, they seem to not care about my health and let the Yakuza get ahead in the line for kidney transfers.
by shamsabadi2 February 12, 2010
U cocksuckers lost again
After being insulted by the UCLA football fan, the USC student responded "You're just mad becase U Cocksuckers Lost Again!"
by kcitsleipztirf April 15, 2009
The school that has nothing good to say about itself resulting in the need to compare itself to all other schools which threaten it as a defense mechanism
all of the definitions above about UCLA
by jjwordafo January 20, 2009
stands for University Closest to LaGrange Avenue... reffering to morraine valley community college
"Hey Joe, where ya going to college next year. I've got some big plans to go to UIC.
"Thats sweet dawgg. I'm going to UCLA"
"WHAT?! You're moving to Cali?"
"Naw bro, UCLA.. as in morraine valley haha "
by c-sizzllee fo shizzlee February 10, 2009
a school that thinks its better than USC, when the students do not want to admit that their school and their student body sucks big balls. It takes 6 years to graduate to from this shitty pathetic school, therefore making it more expensive than the better down on Jefferson and Figueroa, also known as University of Southern California. The sports teams blows, the classes teach you nothing and the degree is made out of used toilet paper, probably wiped from my asshole. Please ignore the following definitions below this post as they are all written by disillusioned UCLA alumni, who currently make up the majority of the American unemployment. There is a reason why USC is excelling in academics and athletics while UCLA is degrades its shitty self back into the stone age. You're a bRuin for 6 years or never since you might flunk out, but you are a Trojan for life!

Rick Neuheisel
Tommy Trojan the Pussy magnet: Hey you are a Biology major and graduating this year right?

Bobby Bruin the Fuckface: No, Tommy, like the rest of bRuin nation i cant handle the tough academics and now wont graduate until i turn 29.

Tommy trojan the Pussy magnet: Oh UCLA, such a sham

Bobby Bruin the fuckface: Seriously , should have the greatest university in the universe, University of Southern California
by rickneuheisel April 16, 2010

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