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an alternaive name for marijuana; to burn a joint
"Eh Drew, down for an ubis?"
"Hundo, I jones."
by Lightning Magg March 16, 2008
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teenage slang for
Ur the best.
Be happy.
I love you.
bye babe, ubi<3
by goobernook June 02, 2011
Unidentified Beer Injury
I woke up this morning with the weirdest U.B.I
by d'minga November 03, 2003
uncontrollable butt itching syndrome
U.B.I.S is caused by wearing tight pants and a thong.
by cunt licking bitch September 09, 2011
Nightclub in Tavira, Algarve (the best town in Portugal).

Discoteca Ubi & Bubi Bar

Rua Almirante Candido Reis - Antiga Fabrica Balsense
8800-000 - Tavira

All the other bars are closed.. lets go to Ubi's
by __. March 03, 2007
Latin word for "where" or "when".
Latin - Ubi est Marcus?

English - Where is Marcus?

Latin - Ubi gladium accipio?

English - When do I receive my sword?
Unexplained Beer Injury
UBI - Unexplained Beer Injury when you go out get wasted and cant remember what you did and wonder how u cut ur hand open!
by Alistair Blowes June 08, 2007

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