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a two inch vaporizer that gets you high as shit
when i blaze with my ubie i cant stop smiling
by Mr D December 15, 2005
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The cheapest & most amazing vaporizer.
All you need is a lighter.
And you will never smoke again.
#1. Yo lets go vape(vaporize) bro..
#2. Yea man let me get my ubie.
#1. Damn we are gonna be stoned...
#2. That thing is amazing it saves me so much herb and i get a much better feeling!
#2. Ever since i hit the ubie ive quit smoking!!
by iQuitSmoking May 15, 2008
youd be fucked if it hit ya
that log is a ubie
by aussie aussie slang May 21, 2012
Slang derived from the acronym UBY or urban black youth. Used interchangeably with more racist-sounding terms such as "Nigger" in situations where it is unacceptable to use alternatives.
Eh, don't fuck around, just call the cops and be done with it. that won't sit well with the ubie mentality.
by Customer Service Please? November 28, 2010
An acronym for a cliche popular on meaning: Unsolicited Boobies In Email. The reverse being UWIE for Unsolicited Weener In Email. The U can be dropped if it was ask for, thus no longer being unsolicited.
You'd think after that thread last night, that I would have some UBIE in my email.
by nfkiller May 12, 2006
In driving, a U turn.
I missed my turn, so I'll have to make a ubie at the next light.
by M.Westfall December 23, 2007
1. an extremely boy crazy person
2. the queen dork
1. woah, she's totaly ubie
2. what an ubie
by nid May 05, 2004

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