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A sucky noob that constantly uses the noob combo because he sucks with everything else.
I just owned that uber noober so bad his mom felt it in my bedroom.
by mc_glow September 30, 2005
An uber noober is someone or something that excels at being bad at a given task at hand. This phrase can describe inanimate objects. You can also describe something very pro by adding the negation "not".
Isaacc is uber noober at cooking.

That essay is not uber noober at winning competitions. Infact, it pretty much owns.
by S1337 September 17, 2009
A form of very rough sex between a two partners.
Im gunna ubernoober you tonight ;)
by Sash<3 July 15, 2009
the absolute and ultimate in noobism and ignorance of customs. a martian is uber noober when he first lands.

composed of uber and noob
HL player A - "how do i bind hook?"
HL player B - "uber noober. type /rules"

"uber fuckin noober!"
by shmusky April 03, 2005
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