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Either a newbie or a term referring to someone who is annoying, irritating or obnoxious.
See newbie.

"Gawd! What a fucking noober!"
by SnottyIrishman August 02, 2005
a big bubbly sort of creature which noobles and snoobles around like a noobers!
noobers: NOOOOOOB!!

person: hello noobers...

noobers: NOOOOBY SNOOB!!!

person: yes i am fine, thank you for asking...
by S.o.p.h.i.e. August 23, 2006
someone who is a noob but refears to the word. Or someone who is or is like Ashley Harris.
Ashley Harris is an extreme noober even though she calls people noobs in pe class.

Wow look at that noober, I think her name is Ashley Harris
by RyanDM April 22, 2006
A combo of the words noob and nigger. This word is usually reserved for players in multiplayer games who are both highly inexperienced, and extremely idiotic. It is also used to be racist towards other players of any race without them knowing.
Wow, he shot his own team member with the spartan laser. What a noober.
by MurgleGurgle December 01, 2007
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