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the natural result of a monday spent shit faced. tuesday is written off in a mess of incoherant babbling and foaming at the mouth.
after the first meeting of the Monday night absinthe appreciation society, tuesday was gone for good.
by bearded wisdom January 29, 2004
an organisation of non lesbianic, modern day tricksters who promote female solidarity, and much mischief making toward those who do them wrong. horses, heads, peoples beds are the holy trinity. they have no god father to speak of, but the headquarters are a sight to be seen.
don't fuck with the family
by bearded wisdom January 29, 2004
a collective phrase for things that make little, or no sense. the potential for bad news.
films by david lynch do not bode.

a harpoon through the head does not bode.
by bearded wisdom January 29, 2004
bro-almighty is the leader of a pack of bros. He only drinks american beer and bathes daily in old spice. He doesn't handle light work, like bouncers or hoes. That's only for common bros. Bro-Almighty deserves only the highest respect.
Example: George Washington was a bro-almighty.
by Bearded Wisdom January 30, 2014
womans' rude bits. hair optional.

the porn star name of my friend julie. twinkle was a pony, door was her mother.
the syph ran rife in her twinkle door.
by bearded wisdom January 29, 2004
it began with a german philosopher and ended with the biggest onion i have ever seen in my life. an onion of biblical proportions.
the uber onion, is the most ultimate of all vegetables.
by bearded wisdom January 29, 2004
shameless self promotion to seduce potential employers to the wonder that is you. a declaration of me, myself and I.
gizza job............
by bearded wisdom April 19, 2005

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