Entrails of a deer.
man i got uber all over me.
by smells like uber September 12, 2003
biggest, best, extra special, highest, longest, etc...
We were drinking uber-water (vodka) during our "Munchkin" game!
by Aakesh August 05, 2003
Very, really, super, almightyly
"Your son is über-annoying. Cage him."
"Har hardy har,, fagorts, i m teh über-1337z~~~!1"
"This test is über-hard."
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 16, 2003
abnormaly large and overwhelming, often used in positive form, known to be linked with the unnatural
I saw an uber flying rabbit, it was uberly awesome, its wings were covered in fairy dust as it flew over the dolphin hippies and dropped its evil curtain bombs on them
by Nick April 30, 2003
Uber: That word they use in Scooby Doo, meaning very. Shaggy was the main user, as I recall. Why the dickens was Scrappy Doo the bad guy? Someone tell em that please. Scrappy is a decent, God-fearing man...er...dog. HONESTLY.

Shaggy: "That was like UBER creepy!"
to be cool in some fashion
That's uber man.
Dude, she is way uber.
by DNA24 May 16, 2007
originated from the german language.
meaning the best, ultimate, you get the point..
most communly used in the context "uber conservative"
*also, has 2 little dots above the 'u', but most dont know how to type that (including myself)

that was uber fantastic!

by h wagnaa December 12, 2006

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