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User Account Control: a security system in Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system
I hate Vista, the UAC keeps getting in my way.
#microsoft #windows #vista #xp #security
by halv January 22, 2008
United Aerospace Corporation, the evil corporation in all the Doom games
UAC researchers built a transporter that opened up a gateway to Hell.
by wildcatfan October 03, 2004
The Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) is a fictional military-industrial conglomerate from the Doom series of video games created by Id Software . Their focus is primarily military weaponry, weapons and defense contracts, aerospace, bio-research, space exploration, and other more sinister scientific endeavors. It is probably named after the infamous Union Banking Corporation, and may have been inspired by the Weyland-Yutani corporation from the Alien films.
The UAC has started another portal to hell!
#uac #doom #game #corporation #union
by Marcus101RR August 22, 2007
Ultimate Adventist Child: Someone who was raised by Seventh-Day Adventists, are really sheltered, and don't know much about worldly things (or things outside of the Bible).
Girl 1: "What's a rave?"
Girl 2: "You are such a UAC!"
#adventist #girl #ultimate #portland #oregon #sheltered #dank #basic #white girls
by Tdale2013 October 16, 2013
underground art criminals, they do kick ass grafitti.
by Jenny October 11, 2003
Unauthorized Ass Contact. Occurs when two people try to slide past each other in a narrow space and physical contact accidentally occurs below the belt. Normally this is a non-issue between strangers in a crowded place, but calling out the UAC among co-workers lets the other person know it was an accident and that you're not trying to be gay. Originally coined for use by missile combat crewmembers in Minuteman III launch control centers.
*brush* Sorry about the UAC. *grunt*
#unauthorized #ass #contact #uac #apology
by Mike Whiskey January 21, 2007
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