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The word tz is a state of mind oftenly used when someone has been sitting several hours in front of a screen.
Man, i watched 2 hours of mature porn last night. I was totally tz
by kerl2k3k1k November 24, 2005
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A tit zit. A pimple found on, or between a women's breats.
Stephanie was wearing a low cut shirt that revealed a disgusting t-z.
by The Infamous JS April 04, 2009
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1) not really of or pertaining to meaning; a phonetic expression of the sound the teeth 'n tongue make.

2) can be applied anytime for any chat; a playful pause and/or interjection
1) ah! tz, sure let's go.

2)tz, heh :))
by peter a r December 10, 2006
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A One eyed freak who is a very racist bastard against blacks uses the n word more than often his mother is the queen of hoes
by RickySauce May 13, 2016
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beautiful blue eyes, blondish hair, kissable lips and a smile that will drive you wild. his laugh can fill your heart up with warmth, and makes you feel like your the only two people in the room. he makes my heart flutter and skip 3 beats. nothing is the same without him around. the smiles are weaker and the happiness is more dull. simply being close to him will make my day. theres not a day theres not a second that doesnt go by that your not on my mind. i love you zoey. and i love you so much infact that you lost the game<3
the game zoey. the game. you lost it. tz
by the game maker June 12, 2013
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