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It means a $20 dollar bag of dope
Hey G what cha' got? What you need homeboy? Can I get a twump? Sho.
by maefopiano August 21, 2006
The act of posting a Tweet on Twitter whilst doing a dump.
@snedwan I'm just doing a twump at the moment, taking a bit of forcing this one.

@leemo10 lovely
by Snedwan April 05, 2009
Twat thump, when you're bangin a girl, pull it out, and yell you left your pussy open bitch! and thump her in the twat with a backhand.
I was fuckin' her and she queefed so I twumped the shit outta her.
by JCPWJS February 25, 2005
When you're hittin it from behind, pull out and smack the twat and yell YOU LEFT YOUR PUSSY OPEN! Then stick it back in and keep goin.
I can't believe you banged that girl, but at least you twumped her before it was over.
by PwnSetTBH February 27, 2005
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