When buying marijuana a twofer is a deal buying two grams for thirty dollars.
Customer: Hey! can you hook it up with a twofer?

Seller: For sure that will be thirty bucks.
#two grams #fifteen #each g #smokers #deal
by denim420 January 13, 2010
Top Definition
Something you get two at once.
Harry S. is a twofer dayer.

Oh. The deal is a twofer. Buy one, get one free.
by David F. September 11, 2003
when you get two things for the effort, price, time, or space of one
1. Hey, I can use this room as an entertainment room and a guest room--it's a twofer!

2. AP classes are twofers in that they count for high school and college.
#two #double #deal #save #useful
by sillyphillygirl August 25, 2008
When something is being sold at 2 items for a price, it is referred to as a "two-fer".
"Buy the baked chips, but if they have a two-fer you can get the ones you like also."
#buying #selling #pricing #shoping #food #two #2 #money #store #2 for 1
by nicole w July 09, 2007
A Catholic that only goes to mass on Easter and Christmas. Usually an annoyance to those who go every sunday.
-"We should leave for Christmas mass early."
-"Becuase all the damn twofers are going to take up the seats!"
#twofer #catholic #easter #christmass #mass
by superrandomperson February 12, 2011
the action of an overweight female rubbing the tip of two erect penis together.
Monica: Hey guys its twofers Tuesday; let me take care of you.

Guys: Monica we would rather die.
#twoffers #toofers #rubbin' butts #crosing swords #ghosbusters
by Superthrive November 02, 2010
An exam or test given previously by your current Professor (best) that you use as a study guide. An exam or test given previously to the current class, but not by the same Professor (not as good, but still a good study guide).
The Phi Zappa Crappa fraternity has the best twofer archive on campus!
#tofer #toofer #twofers #pretest #toefer
by PopNoKick November 04, 2013
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