An exam or test given previously by your current Professor (best) that you use as a study guide. An exam or test given previously to the current class, but not by the same Professor (not as good, but still a good study guide).
The Phi Zappa Crappa fraternity has the best twofer archive on campus!
by PopNoKick November 04, 2013
back to back blowjobs without ever releasing the penis from the mouth. can only successfully be performed by people with the skill to gently coddle the penis back into a repeat performance as it is very sensitive in the moments immediately following the initial blowjob
in an effort to please her Homer, Marge decided to give him a twofer. first she gave him a screaming blowjob which started with some salad tossing and ball suckling. Once he had cum, with out ever releasing his penis, she gently tongued his very tender and sensitive penis in a soothing manner and eventually it responded to her oral stimulation which she continued in increasing intensity

until she brought him to yet another screaming climax.
by imnothomer January 09, 2010
A term used while smoking weed. It is used when someone takes two tokes of weed during his turn..
Man joey just took a two-fer
by Dymanator January 20, 2011
in mountaineering/hiking: Doing same or two different climbs/hikes back to back. Used by Ed Viestur in his book "No shortcut to the top".
Our plan included a twofer to Everest and Makalu.
by sytelus May 03, 2009
A Canadian 24 pack of beer.
Hey you hosers were out of beer, someone needs to run to the ALCB and pick up a Twofer.
by Dustin Brown December 11, 2005
The act of purchasing beer from walmart and doubling back to get multiple merchandise off the same receipt.
Jim and I pulled a twofer last night.
by popvegasallstar March 13, 2010
Have you ever seen a super hot girl and then realized that she was as dumb as a shoe? Have you ever heard a girl say something really brilliant, only to turn around and discover that she was a full-on yeti? This is the opposite, its when a girl is not only hot, but smart.
Robyn is not only a 10 but shes smart, total twofer.
by punkrockn July 29, 2008

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