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Twizzy is another name for pussy.
I just hit that twizzy!
#pussy #vagina #apple pie #kitty #twat
by jenkdogg February 19, 2006
(adj.) A male/female young adult who dresses according to the goth, mall rat, & marilyn manson subculture. Can be seen wearing black parachute pants, excessive amounts of chains/metal objects, shitty nu metal shirts, Nightmare Before Christmas apparel, and any form of fishnet sleeves. They are frequently found in Hot Topic stores and think that an excessive amount of facial make up is enough to set them apart as an individual. Other uses: (n.) twiz, twiz kid
Man: Check out this kid's awesome Slipknot shirt.
Man #2: Yea, what a fucking twizzy loser.
#twiz kid #twiz #mall goth #mall rat #goth
by gatorate_lover_32 April 05, 2009
The secret code. Also a synonym for weed.
"Yeah it ain't a raid let the cunt in.."
#weed #twizy #pot #ganja #reefer #stoned #marijuana #cannibus #stoner
by diabz~ October 23, 2008
When someone drinks alcohol but they are not drunk yet.
Shortened form of twisted
Yo, I'm feeling mad good right now. I feel sorta twizzy!
#drunk #twisted #nice #buzz #intoxicated
by Killlady80 January 04, 2009
a combination of Twitter and Izzy. This defines any girl (or boy) who enjoys tweeting to an excessive an overly annoying amount. Example of twizzy tweets inculde the following: "I love this restaurant", "asdfjkl;", and "I feel like taking a nap".
Person A: My phone just vibrated
Person B: So did mine
Person A and B: Ughhhhhhh... twizzy.
Person A: Whattayuhhh gonna do?
Person B: Yyyeeeeeaaaahhhhhhhhhh
#twitter #twizzy #izzy #internet #personm
by yeahyeahyeahhh October 04, 2009
a females behind or booty.
Stuff the twizzy fer shizzy.
by det.und July 30, 2005
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