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The act of a twat taking a piddle (more commonly referred to as a female urinating)
"I couldn't hold it anymore! We stopped the car so I could twittle!"
by brentionary March 17, 2009
The thing you use to do with your thumbs before Twitter came along.
I remember back in the good ole days when we would thumb wrestle and pick our noses. Now all people do with there thumbs is text or Twittle on Twitter.
by Timmmaaay. October 12, 2010
As a noun, a young girl's snatch, a fresh tuna sandwich, bootytwatcunt, as a verb, the act of licking or kissing female genitlia
Look at the twittle at that bitch, she makes her momma proud!
Maurice was going to twittle that clam but said it reeked so bad he couln't go down
by Jagger Shaft May 21, 2006
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