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a hardcore drug that is anally absorbed
That ticker will get you high like a biker's speed.
by 10239172901319ejwgf February 08, 2014
25 0
Affectionate nickname for the city of Penticton, British Columbia, Canada.
I'm heading to the Ticker for Peachfest this weekend. The place will be crawling with scrunts!
by The Hoffman May 24, 2006
53 40
1. A person's heart (usually used when the heart is not healthy).
2. A wristwatch.
We have a history of bad tickers in my family. Uncle Larry died of a heart attack and so did Grandpa Ron.

I don't need a ticker anymore; I just use the clock on my cellphone.
by Bill Flynn November 22, 2005
44 37
Slang for turn signal
"Do you not know how to use a fucking ticker?!"
by Bcirsiah June 20, 2014
2 1
A "ticker" is any person who participates in a hobby that contains a large number feats to be accomplished whereby their personal understanding of success or victory in this field is correlated to how close to 100% of the accomplishments they can "tick" off their list. This applies to hikers looking to summit the highest peak in all 50 states, bird watchers, visiting the countries of the world, trying all of the restaurants in a large city and bedding every last male and/or female on the planet.

This term is often used in a pejorative sense as oftentimes the desire to "tick" things off one's list interferes with one's actual enjoyment or even awareness of the act. Ticking is also almost always associated with some degree of nerdery.
Bill tells me that he "reviewed" 120 beers at the beer festival. I think he's full of shit saying he remembers them all and that he's probably just in it for the numbers so that he can brag to his stupid friends. He's just another ticker.
by SomeBA September 12, 2009
18 17
variation of pukka or nice, often associated with weed or tobbaco
ryan: hows that joint for you mate?

james: pukka, pukka, ticker ticker.
by 420geezer March 08, 2011
6 6
An individual who thinks so highly of themselves, that they think the world should circle around them or at least pledge to them. They also tend to think they are 'all that' so they think their doing you a favour by being friends with you, dating or even merely talking to you; hence they gossip on the smallest of things. To lastly add, to mentain their ego, they uphold a facade.
Girl 1: I tried talking to that guy and he looked at me like I was worth nothing.

Girl 2: The other day I overheard him gossiping about Sam, saying that he should go make friends with his own class. Typical ticker!

Guy: Damn, he thinks his all that but he's not... fuck the fake and discreet!
by GreatIncredibleJ June 30, 2012
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