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K is a reluctant response via text, chat or other media usually resulting in regrettable consequences.
Amy: Hey BFF, lets go slam some tequila shots and bang some boys!! Woo Hoo!

Jill:........... K
by Timmmaaay March 24, 2011
Relative Stupidity is that one person in every family that always seems to have head-in-ass syndrome.
I have relative stupidity when I see my uncle getting tackled on his front lawn by the police in his mustard stained wife beater looking all cross eyed.
by Timmmaaay June 30, 2011
E-jipped is when someone has violated your freedom of speech by disconnecting your internet to the outside world.
I just spent 18 hours watching CNN show millions of E-jipped people run the streets in angry protest.

Look at all these pissed off people! They must not have internet....oh..thats right, they were E-jipped!
by Timmmaaay February 03, 2011
P20X is the amount of time really spent by most people trying to attempt the full 90 minutes of P90X.
I'm so out of shape I couldn't make it through the entire workout so I changed it to P20X for my lazy ass!
by Timmmaaay March 08, 2011

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