1)to be completely enamored with someone/something.
2) the flighty exciting feeling you get when you think about/see the object of your affection.
3) romantically excited (i.e.: aroused)
4) the ever increasing acceleration of heartbeat and body temperature as a result of being engulfed amidst the exhilaration and joy of being/having a romantic entity in someone's life.
When he smiled at her, the rush of warm, fuzzy, excited sensations that filled her made her realize she was completely twitterpated with this man.
by Amber March 25, 2003
A profound addiction to Twitter.

Preferring the use of Twitter over Facebook.
"She's cute, does she have a facebook page."
"Yeah, but she's hella twitterpated. She never uses it."
by rhastings88 July 11, 2009
Someone who is addicted to Twitter, obessed, a la the "Bambi" defintion of twitterpated.
Americans are twitterpated with Twitter
by massacred_and_anonymous July 04, 2009
When the Twitter network becomes overloaded and you can't log on.
Man, I was gonna tweet at you but the website was twitterpated. I couldn't even log on!
by VmpyrRain June 13, 2009
Excessive use of Twitter to contact one's significant other.
One may become "twitterpated" from excessive use of Twitter to contact one's significant other.
by missgigimeowcat June 06, 2009
what he does to me evey time I think about him
I'm comletley twitterpated where he is concerned
by Souljah347 March 27, 2008
The feeling you get before you have sex.
After kissing her ear i felt twitter pated and wanted to fuck.
by Tina Peck August 18, 2005
to be in love like lovebirds. like tweety and his girlfriend. your sickly sweetness annoys everyone around you.
gosh, those two are so twitterpated, they might as well go out already.
by CCdances August 26, 2004

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