comes from the behaviour of squirrels during the mating season and is mentioned by Beatrix Potter in one of her books
"Squirrell Nutkin twitterpated through the leaves"
by russ bear November 24, 2003
1) jumping from one thought process to another with no outcome. 2) unable to make a decision before progressing to another option with no conclusion.
Mary is so twitterpated that it is uncomfortable trying to work with her.
by rick stevens February 20, 2007
in love with someone. to have it bad for another person.
I'm twitterpated with James!
by Navy_Brat90 March 30, 2005
Someone who is obsessed with using the social networking tool Twitter. A twitterpated person will tend to post more than 20 times per day.

Justin updates his Twitter so often I fear he's twitterpated.
by Rebel Nicci October 10, 2008
When I feel a certain way about a girl
Me and a girl. Specifically one I am attracted to.
by Tyler March 10, 2004
Noun. A term to describe the feeling that is "being high" or "stoned", the reaction to smoking marijuana
Verb. Getting twitterpated or twitterpating is the act of "getting high" or smoking marijuana. Twitterpate
N. "That bong got me twitterpated in one hit!" or "Lets get twitterpated
V. "I'm going over to John's to right now to twitterpate with him."
by Sabrina March 03, 2005
a woman so horny she is wet to below her knees
Every time the dark haired attendant smiled at her she was instantly twitterpated.
She couldn't drink tequila because she knew it would make her horny, and if she had 2 she would become twitterpated.
by cold clear light April 04, 2015

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