When one can't come up with anything to type into their computer or other electronic device either on Twitter, FaceBook or any other electronic social medium.

Twitterpated: Derived from The words Twitter and Constipated
I can't think of a response to your tweet I must be Twitterpated. Or I can't come up with S#!T to Tweet about I'm Twitterpated
by StarDave'snothere May 15, 2011
To be amorously infatuated with someone, based solely on their social media posts, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.
Friend 1 - "Dude, let's go get something to eat."
Friend 2 - "I can't. I'm expecting a Tweet from this chick."
Friend 1 - "Have you even met her?"
Friend 2 - "No, just on Twitter."
Friend 1 - "Dude, you're totally Twitterpated."
by Scotty 'Buzzsaw' February 11, 2010
the female condition of having sex but not having an orgasm
even though greg was quite enthusiastic, sarah was left twitterpated and confused
by BBNthaSav August 28, 2010
To be in absolute aww over something improtant such as a girl. Head over heels in love with that one person and loveing every single moment of it. or to care greatly for one person that you perhapes like.
the girl is so twitterpated when the boy suprised her with flowers.
by lilopie4ya May 13, 2006
Obsessed with one's Twitter (to the point of being completely pated).
"Oh my God, I have to Twitter that!"
"You're so twitterpated."
by blissfulrie July 28, 2009
The stifling, uncomfortable feeling a person gets when a witty tweet comes to mind, but he/she has no access to twitter.
“He forgot his blackberry. He’s gonna be so twitterpated when he gets home.”
by android_weber August 25, 2009
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