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a pair of testicles that are twisted up
Emily dida number on my balls, now I have twisticles!
by Philly K February 07, 2007
Twisticle is common medic slang for testicular torsion. This occurs when the testicle twists inside the scrotum and blood flow to the testicle is restricted. The treatment includes turning the testicle in the direction you turn pages in a book. Testicle death can result from a twisticle and it should be taken to a doctor immediately.
Johnny gave himself a twisticle to stop his premature problem and had to have his nuts removed.
by UrbanTwisticle December 15, 2011
The uncomfortable male dilemma, when your balls get twisted and stuck to your leg.
Leah: Hey Ken, why is Tomerson walking like that?
Ken: He woke up with twisticles.
Leah: Twisticles.... does it hurt?
Ken: Imagine waking up with you left tit in your right armpit.
by fusterclucker June 02, 2012
noun- occurance when waking up and the male testicles are twisted around one another, cutting off the flow of semen
Holy shit. My balls are in a twisticle!
by glg mcgee January 30, 2008
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